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Sooner or later every man in his life is affected by erectile dysfunction or impotence. Reason enough, therefore, to take a close look at the subject, to show the facts, to dispel myths and to show solutions. We have dared to tackle this task together with Dr. Felix Magnussen (41), himself a urologist and online editor.

However, we do not only want to present the problem, but also offer solutions. Therefore, we have worked out a number of suggestions on how to get things right again in bed. In addition, we have extensively tested the sexual enhancer VigRX Plus for use and side effects, as it is currently one of the most successful on the market.

VigRX Plus

Is VigRX Plus effective?

VigRX Plus is a sexual enhancer and also enlarges the penis. It is a further development of its successful predecessor VigRX, which was “merely” a sexual enhancer. The successor not only increases the potency of the user to a considerable extent, but can also increase the length and diameter of the penis due to its special formula. This means that the sexual enhancer solves two major problems for men at once: Namely that of erectile dysfunction and that of a penis that is too small.

VigRX Plus has become one of the most successful sexual enhancers on the market and has proven itself to be successful with thousands of men. It is remarkable here that, in contrast to the world market leader Viagra VigRX Plus relies entirely on natural ingredients. While users of Viagra have to put up with side effects that can be harmful to their health or even life-threatening, VigRX Plus has no side effects due to its plant-based formula.

There are preparations that promise an immediate erection. However, these promises require great caution or a healthy dose of skepticism:

On the one hand there are preparations, above all from China, which give the man a stand already shortly after the first income, these can cause heavy damage to health.

On the other hand, there are preparations with natural ingredients that promise a great effect, but ultimately have exactly the same effect as Smarties…namely none.

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The correct use and efficient dosage of VigRX Plus

The manufacturer recommends taking two tablets a day with a meal. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s dosage recommendations. Only then can the potency enhancer VigRX Plus unfold its full effect.

It is recommended to take the sexual enhancer over a longer period of at least four weeks to allow it to develop its full effect. As soon as this necessary effect level is built up, you will get an erection almost like pressing a button. It is important to take sexual enhancers continuously so that the effects in the body do not diminish.

Side effects of VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is a plant-based product. Side effects, such as those found in synthetic products, could not be detected. For this reason, VigRX Plus can be taken over a long period of time without any concerns. Health is not harmed in any way. On the contrary: VigRX Plus gives the body a real energy boost, which is also needed to be able to stand as long as possible.

Ingredients of VigRX Plus

NEW: Bioperine
VigRX Plus is a further development of VigRX, which has been used successfully for decades. The most important innovation is the ingredient Bioperine, a natural extract of pepper. It increases the effectiveness of the other ingredients by up to 40%.

Asian Red Ginseng
The root, also known as Asian Gingseng, has been used for over 3 millennia in traditional and conventional medicine. The plant is especially appreciated for its ability to enhance mental energy and potency. In Far Asian countries it is therefore considered one of the first plant-based sexual enhancers.

Saffron extract
Saffron, which belongs to the iris family, is one of the most valuable spices in the world. For one kilogram of saffron, about 200,000 flowers are needed. Saffron is cultivated in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Spain, Morocco, Italy and Southern France. First and foremost, it is of course known as a spice that is used in the kitchens of the world. But scientists discovered a “side effect”: namely that saffron considerably increases libido and also potency. It is therefore assumed that saffron is such a popular spice for this very reason.

Damiana leaves
Damiana is a plant growing on the ground. It has fragrant leaves and yellow flowers and grows in subtropical climates such as Texas, the Caribbean, South and Central America. Even the Mayan Indian tribe used Damiana leaves as an aphrodisiac and bladder tonic. They recognized that the active ingredient contained in the leaves stimulates the oxygen supply and the blood flow in the penis.

Originating from the South American Andes, Maca has always been valued in the region by the local peoples and tribes as a potency and endurance enhancer.
In a study in which 12 men between the ages of twenty and forty years took Maca for three months, Peruvian-born researcher Gustavo Gonzales found that fertility could be increased after just two weeks. At the same time, he noticed that the formation of male hormones and sexual desire was noticeably increased in the test subjects.

The all-purpose weapon zinc is used in everyday life and in medicine for a wide variety of physical problems. The vital trace element is indispensable for the 300 metabolic processes that take place in our body. Above all, zinc is indispensable for the immune system and the production and processing of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Actually, the human body only needs a few milligrams of zinc per day. Nevertheless, zinc deficiency is almost a widespread disease whose symptoms can be susceptibility to infections, concentration disorders, developmental and hormonal disorders. A zinc deficiency can thus have a negative effect on the libido. For this reason zinc is an important component of VigRX Plus. Zinc, in combination with the other active ingredients, gives a lasting positive effect on erection.

Saw palmetto
The fan palm found in North America is valued for its strong hormonal effects on testtosterone pathways. It has therefore been used for a long time in the treatment of sexual problems and is used, for example, by urologists to promote a healthy prostate.

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Erectile Dysfunction

Nobody talks about it, but very many men are affected: Impotence and erectile dysfunction – in technical jargon called erectile dysfunction. The topic is a taboo. This is not surprising, because bragging about manhood is simply part of the conversation between men. A man only really feels like a man when he can really do a woman, i.e. when his best friend doesn’t get tired during the fight, but stays as firm as possible for as long as possible.

Conversely, men who do not get it up properly doubt their manhood, which in turn has a negative effect on their self-confidence. A lack of self-confidence can in turn have a negative effect on potency. A constant companion of erectile dysfunction is the perception of many men that they have a penis that is far too small. This creates a vicious circle of lack of potency, lack of self-confidence and the perception of not being good enough.

In fact, the problem of erectile dysfunction and impotence is more widespread than one might think. According to a study by the European Association of Urology, 5 to 20 percent of all men in Europe suffer from moderate to severe erectile dysfunction. With advancing age, the problem increases. From the age of 70, every second man is affected by the problem.

Sooner or later every man in his life is affected by erectile dysfunction or impotence.

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Impotence and potency problems – what exactly is that?

Both terms are often confused with each other. Therefore we have taken the trouble to explain both terms in detail:

Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction) means that the penis does not become stiff at all or becomes flaccid again after a short time. Although sexual desire and lust are present, satisfying sex is not possible. Impotence differs from man to man: for some people it can be a temporary affair (“It sometimes doesn’t work”). For others, it can be a long-lasting problem; the penis does not become stiff at all. Doctors speak of erectile dysfunction when a sufficient erection fails to occur in a good 70% of all attempts and the problems persist for about half a year.

Problems with potency (Impotentia coeundi) is a form of impotence in which the erection is no longer sufficient for sexual intercourse. In addition, men often cannot control the timing of ejaculation. This means that it happens prematurely or delayed. Others have no ejaculation at all. However, this is the big exception.

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The causes of erectile dysfunction

Physical causes
In some cases, physical causes are the reason for erectile dysfunction. These often occur in connection with general diseases or as a result of changes or after surgery in the genital area. Damage to nerves or blood vessels as well as hormonal disorders with low testosterone levels can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Mental causes
Besides physical causes, psychological causes are often the reason for erectile dysfunction. Especially in our achievement-oriented society these causes increase and mix with or result in physical causes.

Mental causes for erectile dysfunction can result from

  • Pressure to perform or fear of failure
  • Depressions
  • Traumatic sexual experiences
  • Relationship problems
  • Stress in a professional or private environment

Even if there are no physical causes, erectile dysfunction can occur due to psychological problems. In case of longer lasting problems with the psyche it makes sense to consult a psychologist. Apart from that, it is normal for men to suffer from stress, fear of failure and pressure to perform from time to time. In most cases, psychological causes are only temporary and disappear after a while.

Wrong lifestyle as a cause for erectile dysfunction
In some cases, erectile dysfunction may not necessarily have a physical or psychological cause. The causes can often be found in a wrong way of life. For example, an unbalanced diet is a common reason why men under 40 fail to have sex. So it is often enough to eat vegetables instead of fast food. Indeed, broccoli, cauliflower and spinach are said to have a potency-enhancing effect. Also almonds and rabbit food are said to help to get an erection.

A major erection killer is alcohol. A study by Stanford University found that regular alcohol consumption leads to a long-term reduction in potency.

Also too little sport is identified in many studies as one of the causes for potency problems.

Effects of erectile dysfunction

Impotence and erectile dysfunction can have various effects. First and foremost, these phenomena reduce male self-confidence. Many men feel inferior. This is not surprising, because in social gatherings with other men they like to brag about their own steadfastness (“hard as steel”) and the size of their penis. Nobody wants to admit that they have a problem getting “it” up or that “it” is not perceived as a problem. Since this topic is almost a taboo, the affected people often feel left alone with the problem and tend to isolate themselves, which in the worst case can lead to depression.

Especially towards women, men with erectile dysfunction do not really feel like men because they are afraid of failing in sex and making a fool of themselves.

What can you do against erectile dysfunction?

Since there is not only one cause for erectile dysfunction, there is not only one solution. Here is some advice on how to specifically counteract erectile dysfunction:

  • More Sports
  • Healthier diet
  • Less or no alcohol
  • No drugs
  • More sleep
  • Less stress
  • A suitable and natural supplement

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